Nicole Thomson is an Ontario Certified Teacher, with a Masters Degree in Education. After a decade as an elementary teacher, relocating with her family meant leaving behind her Kindergarten classroom. A new city meant new opportunities, and she quickly jumped into the college sector where she is now a Coordinator & Professor. Nicole has offered professional development to teachers in areas of literacy, math, and classroom management and is branching out into a passion of hers – helping teachers find fulfillment in and out of the classroom.

Nicole has been part of multiple action research projects in her classroom, which has allowed her to speak at International conferences, such as IMBES and ILA, and be involved in the creation of multiple articles and resources for educators. She has completed courses in happiness, life coaching, and the knowledge industry. Personal development is a priority to her, and she sees the need for teachers to have realistic goals and strategies to live a fulfilled life, both in and out of the classroom.

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