Gratitude. Joy. Intention.

“I am so grateful for the radiating positivity from this group. I am thankful for teachers who support teachers. I am thankful for kind words and kind actions by others.”

“I am so grateful that you started this group, Nicole, because other teaching groups have really been bringing me down. So thank you for this, allowing me to redirect my focus to a more positive, joyful group environment!!!!!”

Meet Nicole

I’m Nicole, an educator, wife, and mom of two. I spent over a decade as an elementary teacher before relocating with my family, and therefore leaving the classroom as I knew it. The pause from the busy classroom was a welcomed change, and during that time, I discovered a passion for personal development. As I set new goals and intentions in my life, I started quickly checking things off my bucket list: get my Masters, become a college professor, write a book, run a half marathon, start a business, and work on being the best wife, mom, educator, and person I can be. 

During this time, I developed a positive mindset focused on gratitude and intention in my life. A focus that I wish I had ten years ago! It occurred to me that teachers are so busy worrying about their students’ well-being, positive mindsets and goal setting, that they forget to do this for themselves. It was then that I decided I would switch my focus from training teachers on balanced literacy, spatial reasoning and classroom management, to taking control of their own lives, setting intentions and finding fulfillment both in and out of the classroom. 

Work With Me

I love meeting motivated educators who are looking for continuous growth and self-development. 

Whether you’re looking for some mentoring, partnering for events, or just networking, I’d love to hear from you!

What I'm reading